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Leachate Tanks

Our team at Simon Engineering have manufactured bunded fuel storage tanks for over 25 years, which includes the production of leachate tanks for the collection of contaminated ground water. Leachate builds up in and around landfill sites and is created through the permeation of water into the landfill which accelerates the decomposition of the materials held within. The liquid itself can contain a large number of dangerous elements which, if not correctly collected and disposed of, may cause damage to local water courses. Our leachate tanks are manufactured with extra stiffening and a specialised protective paint coating both inside and out. This, combined with an option to also use thicker steel, provides a robust solution for the containment of leachate ground water.

We can provide tanks of up to 150,000 litres in capacity which are double skinned and fully bunded to meet standard requirements for containment and protection of the environment. We have recently completed a project for FCC Environment to provide three of our high capacity leachate runoff tanks at their Coleby landfill site. The photographs below showcase the tanks from manufacture to delivery and positioning on site.
We also have links to companies who are able to carry out any necessary fabrication work on site in addition to installing and fitting pipe work as required. In the case of this project it was necessary to also provide a suitable on site crane in order to lift the tanks in to position. The photograph below shows the second of the three tanks installed at this landfill site, being lifted in to place by Emsley Crane Hire.
Two of the three tanks are now fully assembled with their ladders, gantry and pipe work. Note the small cabinet on the front facing side of each tank which in this instance contain a series of Bauer connections and Butterfly valves which have been assembled according to the client specifications.
Finally, having installed each of the new tanks we arranged the removal and scrapping of the old tank which, if required, we can arrange for clients. Naturally not every one wants this level of service and support, we are happy to just deliver to site, but we believe that by providing you with this service we are ensuring that you get the absolute best out of your leachate tank and can rest assured as to its correct installation and functioning for years to come. Should you require any further information regarding leachate tanks or a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us on 01724 282937 or email us at