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Adblue® Bunded Tank storage solutions

Simon Engineering has been involved in the development of Adblue® storage within its mild steel tanks for several of its customers. Until Simon Engineering came up with their innovative new solution, Adblue® has been stored mainly in double-skin plastic tanks, separate to the main tank. This has caused hauliers and drivers several problems while filling up. Firstly the vehicle driver has always had to fill up at different points which takes extra time. Also, with the Adblue® being stored in a smaller external tank, the plastic tank is highly vulnerable to accidental damage or in some cases even theft. While researching this problem with customers, we found that often, the Adblue® tank is an afterthought and just positioned near the main fuel tank.

Simon Hague, our Technical Director, has worked to develop a new, double-skin integrally bunded storage solution with a separate compartment for a single skin plastic tank. The compartment will have a removable lid for easier access and be internally coated with Epoxy primer to prevent corrosion of the mild steel. We can also manufacture the compartment with its own cabinet or the pipework can go through into the main cabinet. This ensures that the Adblue® is located next to the filling point for the driver and not only saves the driver valuable time but reduces the risk of accident or theft.

The advantages of this set up are:-

  • Storage of all fuels in one container.
  • Smaller footprint to suit customer requirements.
  • Security
  • Convenience

For further information or to discuss your fuel storage requirements, contact Sue Hague, Ashley Morris or Jane Whitelock on